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The DNA of NECTAWARE is characterized by a passion for technology and experience in the world of Energy: but we are sure that there is always room for improvement, therefore innovation.

Since we founded our Innovative Start-up in 2015, the concept of "Innovation of Predictability", hence our slogan: Predictive Innovation, has been the common thread that led us to develop series of products and services that exploit NECTAWARE's innovative predictive engine, such as to make the network and the electricity market increasingly safe and efficient.

Monitoring and Forecasting of Photovoltaic Generation

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From the collaboration of important universities and national operators active in the aerospace industry, after years of studies and applications, "Lucy" was born, the artificial intelligence software, "the missing link in Photovoltaics"

For the first time globally, Lucy is able to identify all photovoltaic systems from the satellite, even the smallest ones (which make up 80% of the installed power globally). The system provides up to three days and monitors the production of the PV plant in real time thanks to a proven satellite analysis model of cloud evolution in real time above each plant.

It is a global innovation, because it allows network and market operators to access information previously unavailable, because it refers to all the plants present in the area and not only to the proprietary and active high and medium voltage ones, making the more efficient choices on the market and improving network security.

Access to information on the historical generation (up to 5 years), real-time and forecast of the entire PV system installed in a given territory up to the national level, satisfies different needs of market operators who previously could not find an answer, opening new markets in the most diverse segments of the energy world.

In addition to network operators, many other market operators such as Investment Funds in the PV sector, Insurance covering the Weather risk, Institutes and Authorities that deal with the payment of incentive measures for PV production, Installers and maintainers of PV systems, Municipalities, Aggregators for the flexibility market and emerging energy communities, or still large Real Estate operators etc., are among the various subjects who will find an answer to previously unresolved needs.


Network Operators +

Accessing the centralized control of generation in real time (5 minutes delay) of each individual plant installed in the area thanks to a satellite control and hourly forecast and the following days (up to three), while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, allows operators high and medium voltage network (Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators) to predict the real-time input generated by the PV also for individual network nodes.

We at Nectaware are able to assist grid operators also on the electricity demand front where it already has an operating platform for all of Europe capable of releasing the forecast (D-1 and D-2) of both aggregate and single consumption with standard extremely high accuracy (MAPE always less than 2%) (read more about the "E4Sight service for forecasting electricity demand").

Electricity market traders +

Today traders operate on the electricity market for the following hours and the next day with a necessarily aggregate and presumptive level of forecasting. Lucy will be able to provide them with hourly forecast and up to three subsequent days with a greatly increased level of accuracy for the whole Italian territory and for macro-areas both in terms of PV generation and consumption (read more about the "E4Sight service for forecasting electricity demand").

Utilities to energy resellers, will be able to use Lucy to reduce their imbalances on both the demand and production side of PV, with very favourable access costs to the service and very significant economic benefits.

Lucy will be soon available also for the prediction of the 'signs' for the Italian market.

Aggregators +

Lucy's services will be available through the relative APP (DOWNLOAD THE APP) this way the owners of individual plants, both public and private, by geo-locating their plant, will be able to know which other PV producers are close to them, and access tools monitoring and forecasting of both production and consumption, suggestions and alerts as well as participation in promotions, bonuses and discounts connected to the flexibility market and again, maximization of self-consumption with relative economic advantage in the bill where possible depending on the network regulatory system of the country of reference.

Real Estate Developers +

Even large Real Estate developers will be able to offer their final customers, directly and indirectly together with market aggregators, the use of the Nectaware application so that in new buildings, energy communities can be part of the service of an integrated residential life.

Payment of incentives (Feed-Inn-Tariffs) +

The ability to monitor the expected generation of each plant in real time, both forecast and historical, enables those who manage the payment of photovoltaic incentives, which generally represent a share added to the market value of the energy put into the network, to proportion payments to what is actually produced each day on the basis of the net irradiation of the individual plant to the ground, giving these subjects the ability to 'certify' the adequacy of payments.

PV plant installers and investment funds +

The historical verification of the net irradiation to the ground of a specific point and of entire areas of the territory will allow installers, and even more investment funds who want to invest in large or small diffused plants, to historically verify and then monitor the return of their investment.

The verification of the production potential of a PV site is now mainly done on theoretical data and not verified on ad hoc historical analyses, as is done in the wind business.

Lucy, on the other hand, allows you to enter into the specific merits of each area a posteriori without having to wait two or three years to have a detailed analysis.

Furthermore, Lucy gives detailed information on the expected generation from a plant, highlighting any difference with the actual production of the same, giving the 'controller' a formidable tool for monitoring the efficiency of a plant and maintenance problems on which to intervene.

A Fund that owns many plants in multiple countries, or the EPC contractor who built them, can thus centrally monitor its investments by adding a verification tool to the on-site ones already in use.

Furthermore, installers and EPC contractors can make use of the APP developed by Nectaware (DOWNLOAD THE APP) to interact with the owners of the plants and facilitate a series of services for the benefit of the latter.

Insurance Companies +

Many Insurance Companies are approaching the meteorological risk market which also has an important impact on the photovoltaic sector.

The historical verification of the net irradiation to the ground of a specific point and of entire areas of the territory, and the possibility of monitoring the real production in a satellite / remote and centralized way, allows the insurance companies to be able to accompany their strategies in a thoughtful way coverage of large investors in this sector.

International Organizations, Consulting Firms and Municipalities +

Even International Organizations operating in the renewable energy sector, Consulting Companies and Municipalities wishing to manage the energy sources of their territory, or operations and assessments at an international level, will find in Lucy an instrument to access detailed information previously unavailable to manage a widespread reality that has now reached a global level.

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Monitoring and Forecasting of Electricity Demand / Consumption


E4SIGHT is an in-cloud software platform dedicated to predict electricity demand with a high level of accuracy that allow re-sellers of energy to improve their energy demand forecasting, reducing the spread between the declared and real energy consumption that is eventually charges to final consumers.

E4SIGHT automatically elaborates the energy consumption prediction for each connection point (electronic meter 'POD'), basing the forecast on real-time consumption data, satellite meteo inputs and social media sentiment that have proven to affect electric demand.

E4SIGHT provides information on:

  • Self up-dated economic and financial forecasts
  • Deviation from all expected data ad indicators
  • Real time alert management related to consumption threshold
  • Real time absorption level (reactive power) over sensitive thresholds

E4SIGHT uses algorithms and patented functions supported by proprietary or third parties neural system that can be integrated with the energy intelligence of NECTWARE's system, providing a high level of improved consumption forecast. A material and real time increase in the reactive use of energy can also be detected in order to interact with the system.

Three level of user's access are offered for E4SIGHT

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Servizi B2B

B2B services for specific products

  • Problems analysis and Project Proposal based on innovative solutions
  • Hardware and Software scouting that are needed for project development
  • Online and Off-line creativity and manufacturing of materials
  • In-cloud software customized platform development
  • Final tests, Reporting and Performance analysis

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