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We are the first Italian company to have developed an Artificial Intelligence system capable of creating a global and interactive map of all the photovoltaic systems in the world and knowing, without connecting to the meters, the generation data with high precision, thanks to aero-space and satellite technology.

Its use should be photovoltaics in the key resource of the energy transition, becoming a centrally controllable source transformed (Decentralized-Energy-Management-System 'DERMS') and predictable, to support the smart grid of the future.

We combine the most advanced AI analysis with aerospace and satellite imagery with socio-economic analysis, in order to provide energy operators with unprecedented network and market applications.

To learn more, discover our SOLUTIONS and our Artificial Intelligence software L.U.C.Y.


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The DNA of NECTAWARE is made of passion for technology together with experience in the energy industry.
'Predictive Innovation' is the common thread, the leitmotiv that connects all our products and services based on NECTAWARE' innovative algorithm.

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