About us

Together, with the passion for innovation

Our team is made of determined and curious people all sharing the same eager for innovation: we all come from long standing and refined experience made in technology and innovation intensive sectors. We all have in common the same attitude to surprise yourself and improve everything we decide to innovate.

With the ambition to have in NECTAWARE endless inspiration for innovative ideas to share and to create side by side, with a long standing and profoundly experienced team in the energy sector as well as renewable, PV modules manufacturing and ICT solution management,  we generate projects and innovative solutions thought to simplify the energy sector: combining talent with professionalism.

Michele Carrelli Palombi

(co-founder and legal and public affairs director) More than 25 years' experience on legal and fiscal advisory at multinational level and more than 10 years spent on Renewable Energy sector.

Fabio Patti

(co-founder and sole director) More than 10 years' experience in Renewable Energy sector as Managing Director of Yingli Green Energy in Italy, leading global producer of Solar Panels.

Marco De Conno

Marco is an extremely qualified computer scientist, in front of new challenges he always answers: yes we can!

Donato Pinto

Partner di Pacemakers e Country Manager per Link Financial Group e per più di 12 anni CEO di GE Capital in Europa e Asia


March 2015 Incorporation
July 2015 Ethic Code
September 2015 BIC Lazio Incubation
December 2015 Lump Sum & Financing
January 2016 Selected IBM Entrepreneur Program
March 2016 240kUS$ per year credit grant from IBM
November 2016 ESA EOEI (Earth Observation Entrepreneurship Initiative) grant + access to satellite data of the new EUROMETSAT satellites
September 2017 Test with ENEL TEST X Predictive software validation on single consumer basis - increased accuracy -
December 2018 / April 2019 Software validation over 17,000 TO consumption profiles of A2A.
December 2018 grant of patent No. 102016000067606 "Method and Intelligent Energy Management System for Distributed Generation Systems Based on Renewable Sources"
June 2019 STARTER acceleration project (EDP) Nectaware selected among the 10 best start-ups among 500 companies in the EU
September 2019 E4SIGHT is validated over the aggregated demand with a MAPE of 1.28% on an annual basis

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