Observation and innovation together with passion

Every day brings a new opportunity for innovating. This is the approach we have in NECTAWARE that motivates us to analyse, assess and develop new ideas and projects.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary and comprehensive view of the energy sector and of the renewable energies developing market, we have been monitoring market operators' new needs, emerging problems and dramatic changes of Italian and EU power generation composition due, amongst others, to substantial increase of non-programmable power sources, new economic instability and climate change all making electricity demand more instable and difficult to be predicted.

Utilities and market operators will have to adapt their business models increasing and improving their capacity to predict energy consumption and therefore reduce their costs of grid instability that means being able to offer additional services customized to end consumers' new needs.

Thanks to a more accurate analysis of consumption data, meteo forecast and sociological sentiments in real-time elaborated through new and sophisticated proprietary predictive algorithms, NECTAWARE innovates improving the prediction accuracy of energy consumption therefore reducing substantially the costs of current balance spread between predictive and actual consumption which accounts for approximately 1,3%/1,5% of the totalĀ  i.e. approximately 500 million for the Italian market.

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